It’s been quiet around these parts about Fortnite recently. Oh the game has been chugging nicely, switching modes and all, the newest ranking season is a huge success, not not much to report. But this somewhat warrants it.

Fortnite Shotguns

Most of close-quarters combat has always revolved around shotguns. Back in the day when weapon-swapping didn’t take time people would carry nothing but shotguns. Things is, implementing swap-times didn’t change much, since a close-range shot could still one-shot a player swapping entirely optional.

But now the pump-action shotgun is getting a nerf, a slight one to be sure, but enough to take it outside the HP range of a fully healed, fully shielded character. The aim here is to revitalize the meta somewhat, weaker shotguns mean people might want to use other weapons during close encounters and they might be incentivized to try long-range battles.

This correlates with the trap buff which brings them back top their original damage range, making a follow-up to a well-laced trap that much more painful. All in all small, but potentially meaningful changes.