Following clues by the devs, Fortnite announces the release of the game in China and responds to PUBG’s E-sports ambitions, with a volley of their own.

The battle in the land of battle royales rages on as Fortnite announced today that they will be releasing their game in China, under the wings of Tencent. Additionally, Tencent’s spokesman stated that the company intends to spend 15 millions dollahs to push Fortnite even further into the spotlight.

With some Universities recognizing Fortnite adding Fortnite to their rosters of e-sports games and the scene coming to live world-wide, it seems like the cartoony battle royale not featuring a frying pan is intent on stealing PUBG’s thunder.

It’s a real battle for supremacy in the eastern lands, with no clear front-runner. It will depend purely on the ambition of both companies on who will reign supreme in this battle royale, who gets to eat their victory meal and who goes back home on an empty stomach.