Be careful who you sue, cause it might turn around to hit you.

We wrote about Epic being mighty serious when it comes to cheaters in their online shooter, Fortnite. Not only did they want to ban all those breaking the rules but said they will go to court if need be.

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And so go they went. The problem became complicated when it turned out that one of the sued individuals is a 14-year old minor and his mother was having none of Epic’s legal grief.

She responded to the lawsuit with a letter to the judge saying that her sone is being used as a scapegoat in this whole situation and that him being a minor it was illegal for the company to reveal his name in due proceedings.

Whether or not she is right is of less importance here. Epic has been reaching settlements in the past banning cheaters from.. cheating within their games under threat of financial punishment. This one, however, is a PR mess they probably didn’t expect.