It’s gonna remain playable until July 12th, but then it’s time to kiss it bye-bye, at least for now.

The magical place fun-time that was Playground is going to be put on ice soon. While it was just a first shot at the concept and as such mired by some understandable issues like inability to preserve your work for posterity and 60-minutes long matches which didn’t always allow for the ingenuity of some folks to be fully realized, it was fun while it lasted.

The playground mode is going away but fear not, it will be coming back and better than before. Epic has expressed the desire to make playground a permanent feature of the game, and one very chill at that, which I approve of. But it will take them a few attempts before they figure out all the kinks of the mode, so we can expect several more iterations before it goes live permanently.

The end of playground coincides with the beginning of season 5, heralded by the rocket launch and mysterious rifts appearing all over the place. On a side note—don’t you just love how epic these season beginnings are? There might be a meta-narrative layer to this of the rifts consuming all the beautiful things people built, but I’m probably reaching.