It’s not the worst thing as the released build was not the one that should go public.

Digital distribution is a funny thing. I love it and in recent years I’ve got used to playing without the need to take discs with me (I’m traveling from city to city two or three times a week). But when it comes to PC gaming, it’s trickier. Steam is the King, and it appears that Windows Store has a long way to catch up.

The last victims of digital downloads are the PC players of Forza Horizon 3. The latest update, which was supposed to simply add support for the newest DLC, resulted in a full game’s download. 53 GB, as we mentioned in the title.

Here is where the fun begins. The released build is a developer version of Forza Horizon 3 with DLC packs listed – even those yet to be announced. What’s worse, everyone who got this update downloaded will have to reinstall the game and download those 53 GB once again.

It’s hard to say if that’s Turn 10’s fault or somewhere on Windows Store’s download. But it’s not the first case of such a problem and it would be great if someone counteracted that in the near future.