A brand new RPG from Obsidian, Tyranny, is a study of things you can do, but usually aren’t forced to do. This extends to a newly discovered feature in the game: free consumables for logging in day after day. Tyranny allows you to log in to your Paradox account (right from the main menu, no need to look for it), which carries with it two perks. One of them are the free potions and herbs we can use during gameplay to boost the stats of our characters. A post on the Steam Community forum lists all the rewards.

  • Healing Potion (Fine) – 50% HP
  • Healing Potion (Superior) – 100% HP
  • Potion of Revival – brings a fallen party member back from KO
  • Cairn’s Leaf – +4 Armor, +20% Endurance defense
  • Oldwater – +10 Arcane Armor, +20% Magic defense
  • Potion of Elemental Barrier – +10 Shock/Fire/Frost Armor, +50 Defense vs. Paralyzed/Burning/Frozen
  • Dire Remedy – 120-pt Stasis Shield, +4% Max Health
  • Potion of Heroes – +2 to all Attributes
  • Scarlet Poison – Poisons enemies on Crit
  • Fatiguing Toxin – Weakens enemies on Crit
  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Skycap – +10 Lore, +10 Magic Skills, +4 Wits

The addition came out of nowhere, not announce in the in-game News panel, not in patchnotes. Quite a surprise, and not an unwelcome one, either.

The other perk of logging in is for the more curious. It allows logged players to review their decisions and statistics in a convenient form. All it takes is visiting this page ( https://www.tyrannygame.com/auth/cas ) and using the same login credentials.