The need for videoconferences and video-evening chats with friends has been understandably on the rise, and one of the best programs to do this is Zoom. Better still, Zoom has an option to use virtual backgrounds in your video calls, in case you think your wall is boring, or just feel cheeky enough to put something silly behind you.

If you don’t have anything ready, or don’t want to bother with cropping and adjusting graphics you already have, G2A has you covered with a selection of custom G2A-themed free backgrounds for Zoom / Microsoft Teams you can use right away, without much further tinkering. There are already cropped perfectly for 16:9 aspect ratios and come in HD resolutions for the perfect balance of high quality and low file size.

How to apply a Zoom background to your videoconference?

First of all the program has to be able to separate you from what’s behind you, so make sure not to wear clothes in the same colour as your background. A green screen is recommended, but any background of solid colour will do.

It’s also beneficial to adjust your chosen image to the aspect ratio of your camera. For example, if you’re transmitting in 16:9 resolutions, you’ll get the best effects if the background image is of the same proportions. The minimal resolution accepted by Zoom is 1280×720 pixels, so take that into account.

Uploading the image

To use your chosen background, you’ll need to log into your Zoom profile, go to Settings (link is behind your profile picture) and pick Virtual Background from the next screen. You’ll be able to specify whether you have a green screen or not and pick a pre-existing image or click “+” to add your own picture or video. If you don’t have a green screen, you’ll likely have to download the “smart virtual background package”.

How to use them?

Activating the background

Depending on the goal, you might have to take different steps while enabling the use of If you want to enable it for the members of your organisation, you’ll have to log in to an account with administrator privileges, go to “Account settings”, pick the “Meeting” tab and “Virtual Background” therein and check if the option is enabled.

If you just want a certain group you manage be allowed to use virtual backgrounds, you’ll need to pick “Group management” in Settings and pick the group you want to edit. You’ll have the option to flip the switch on virtual backgrounds there.

Finally, if you’re just an individual user, you’ll need “My Meeting Setting” as account admin, or “Meeting Settings” as a member and check the status of the “Virtual Background” setting in the Meeting tab.

Go forth and Zoom

Armed with that knowledge, and G2A’s backgrounds, all that’s left for you to do is make sure they are displayed during your meetings by clicking the ^ arrow near the microphone and camera settings and picking the background you want.

With the combined powers of Zoom and G2A your video conferences will be much more lively thanks to awesome gaming backgrounds.