You know when I think how much work post-GamesCom period will incur for me I get slightly light-headed. But on the other hand, we’ll gonna be getting a lot of cool stuff. Like Tropico 6. Oh yeah, we have a Tropico 6 trailer now.

Live the lavish lifestyle of a dictator and line your pockets with sweet moolah while your workers slave away in factories and provide white, middle-class tourists with entertainment. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing is what, so long as you kill all the dissenters! Profit.

Part 6th of the game seems to combine the elements of 4 and 5 and certainly takes some ques from Cities: Skylines when it comes to building and bridges. The customization options also look quite cool with the amount of ways you can mess around with the design of your dictatorial palace. One has to hope it’s not just style and no substance, because I sure wouldn’t want a new Winter Palace scenario on my tropical island.

I also definitely hope the space program is still a thing. It’s only natural for the Supreme Leader to want to show off to everyone including extraterrestrials right? As of now, release date for Tropico 6 hasn’t been announced, but summer of 2019 is floating as an estimate.