It’s been some time since we saw anything new from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but it looks like Miyazaki is prepared to grace us again.

This is sparse, but foreboding. It seems that we won’t be getting a lot of content, but the Tweet suggests that we’ll be able to explore the various ways the player character can execute a kill.

Of course, the first to notice was a prominent Souls-centric YouTuber Vaati Vidya, who will likely, in a very Vaati fashion, attempt to get out of the beaten track and explore the level as much as possible to gather clues about the world and the story. I have to note that this is not the first time From Soft has done something like this. Recently prior to the release of the Ringed City DLC for Dark Souls III they released a demo as well. They always attempt to be as sneaky and creative with those as possible.

Which is all sorts of exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing just how varied approach one can take to completing the mission. Of course, if it was me there, first thing I would have tried to do was die on purpose, just to see what happens and examine the death screen. I know your games Miyazaki, I’ll be doing a whole lot of that in Sekiro, might as well get used to it now.