From Software is known best for the Souls series, but never forget that Miyazaki is the second coming of Jesus and a veritable geyser of creativity. Which is where Deracine comes in.

Fun bit of trivia: Miyazaki first realized he wanted to develop video games after playing Ico with a friend. So you could make an argument that souls in all of their merciless, stupid hard glory entirely come from a little, creative adventure puzzle game. With that in mind Deracine- a PS VR-exclusive adventure game about fairies.

Deracine centers around a school where you will be able to interact with the world to discover the stories of the students, the story of the school itself and hopefully fulfill your goal, which is leaving some kind of a mark on the world as the protagonist of Deracine is a child spirited away by fairies and “removed from the world”. You’re invisible and nobody will ever notice you.

There’s a very creepy undertone to the game and it’s truly fascinating to see From Software tackling Celtic mythology. It may not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but to me this project shows exactly what From Software and in fact souls games are great at- fragmentary, environmental storytelling and amazing level-design.