11 Bit Studios, the developers behind the survival/city builder game Frostpunk, overjoyed at the immense success of their game thus far, are willing to ride the wave.


We currently don’t know what the good folks of 11 Bit are planning (I honestly suspect that they themselves don’t have a solid idea), but they’re clearly committed. Right now they are eagerly gathering the feedback offered on the Steam forums, so you might want to join on that, there’s a chance you might get exactly what you want.

However, the developers also assure us that they have “ideas of their own“. What this means is unclear, but as is always the case with game’s development, there’s a lot of ideas that get thrown by the wayside, so surely they’ve gotta have something that they wanted to do, but couldn’t.

Oh, and don’t expect for these to materialize quickly. The game still has bugs that need to be worked on, but 11 Bit Studios’ success is a great thing for the future. It just means more good games will be coming.