The underground hit survival/city-building sim game has recieved a lot o success and as noted before, this means we can expect a lot of Frostpunk content in the future. First piece of that new content is here already.

The main gist of it isn’t super big- the Survival mode makes the game broadly speaking harder, by removing the pause and much like all the Paradox games, disallowing you from saving the game progressively, cutting out save-scumming (a tactic I personally just like to use, because I hate it when a game screws me over on pure luck and not a tangibly bad decision on my part, thanks Paradox).

More than anything, this is laying the groundwork for the future. The upcoming Endurance mode working in tandem with the Survival difficulty for a staggeringly hardcore playthrough, while still being “fair”. Hopefully attempting the game 50 times because you rolled badly once and you find out about that 3 hours in is something that can keep you entertained for another month or so.

If you want to brush up on the state of Frostpunk and where it’s going, here’s the official development roadmap. Of note is also the fact that we don’t really know what else 11 Bit Studios will have in store for us in the future, so this is all very exciting. It may be cold in the crater, but Frostpunk’s success truly warms my heart.