A City Builder simulator with survival elements from 11 bit studios is out now.

The city must survive. Frostpunk promises a real juggling act of building the city inside the snowy crater up, feeding and taking care of your people and making them stay hopeful. The game is garnering a lot of positive attention and I can attest that it is worth checking out.

I find the idea of representing a piece of the narrative with game mechanics strangely compelling and that’s what Frostpunk does. In Forstpunk you have to balance a resource called “Hope” and it does just what it implies- it keeps the people of the last city on Earth willing to struggle. The lower your Hope is, the less efficient they will be. But hope is elusive, it’s not just about keeping your people fed and warm, it’s about making them feel that there is a point to their struggle, that they have a reason to fight.

Also I have to mention how a game that is essentially a pun on Steampunk is now out on Steam. This is so meta.