Hogging supplies, ducking responsibility.

Because the world can’t have enough turn-based tactical games, Funcom is in on the fun as well (it’s in the name, really). They released a very interesting trailer for a game called Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. It lets us meet a woman (stitched up) travelling a seemingly postapocalyptic land alongside anthropomorphic duck and seemingly anthropomorphic boar? Warthog? Bebop? Take a look yourselves.

The woman apparently has some powers as well, changing her skin into stone? Something like that. Unlike XCOM, these folks have personalities from the outset, and even names: Dux, Bormin, and Selma. This suggests a heavier emphasis on a narrative, which is always nice.

On the game’s official website you can see some more screenshots and a basic idea behind gameplay, but at the moment the isn’t all that much.

The project seems interesting, if only because it’s visually distinctive and clearly wants to provide a story for those people.