G2A.COM is 6 years old this year, which calls for some celebration! Because of that G2A invites all to participate in the #6GamesChallenge!

G2A wants to help you celebrate the games which defined you as gamers. Games which convinced you to commit to this hobby, or ones you’ve played the most. Series you’re a major lore nut for, and hardcore games which weren’t nearly hard enough to stop you from getting platinum. You already know which games qualify for that, don’t you?

If you can list 6 games that defined you, go forth and list them in a comment under a post about the #6GamesChallenge on any of G2A’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). To qualify for the giveaway, you also have to nominate two more users for the challenge, so they can flaunt their favorite games too.

What can you get if you do it? If your answer is among the 12 (twelve) winning entries, you’ll get to pick any (ANY!) 1 (one) game from G2A’s 6th Anniversary Sale as your reward.

So, to reiterate the basic rules:

    • Visit G2A on any of its social media channels
    • Find a post about the #6gamesChallenge
    • Comment with 6 games that defined you as a gamer and…
    • …nominate two friends for the challenge.

Winners will be announced on G2A’s Facebook page. That’s it for the basic rules.

You can find detailed Terms & Conditions HERE.