Web browsers are very easy, useful and convenient tools of every modern person. Whether you look for information, particular websites you like or simply shop online, a good web browser is essential nowadays.

Google’s Chrome browser is one of the most popular browsers that allows developers to create extensions which improve the users’ lives in various aspects. There are thousands of extensions, also known as plug-ins, that help people use their browser, and overall the world wide web, much more efficiently.

What you need to know about G2A extension for Chrome

For this reason, G2A.COM has created an extension for the Chrome browser, that will help people in their online shopping. G2A Deal Tracker & Price Comparison extension enables the user to check whether G2A marketplace has a better offer for a particular product than an online store that he is looking at right now. Chrome Extension

If the product is available at G2A.COM marketplace, the add-on presents the best prices from the platform and will display a button which can direct the user to G2A.COM website where he can purchase the desired product. Its a quick and easy way of comparing the prices of the same product on various online stores and platforms, in contrast to G2A.COM.

A small but useful online shopping tool

This lightweight extension, which takes only 19,9KiB of space as of March 4th, 2019, will not slow down your everyday browsing, or require access to any data that isn’t necessary for it to perform its function as a quick comparison tool. It’s working well on various stores, including Steam, and the offers inserted by the add-on don’t disrupt the overall appearance of the browsed websites.

G2A Deal Tracker & Price Comparison is a handy tool when you’re looking to buy a video game from a regular online store and want to make a quick check if you can’t buy it for less on G2A. With an unobtrusive visual design and negligible strain on your browser’s speed, it’s an ideal shopping companion tool if you enjoy buying games at G2A.COM.