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Game packs have been steadily rising in popularity for the last couple years and it’s hard not to see why, really. Gamers get great games while the developers get recognition, good street cred and money. Everybody wins. From February G2A is joining the worthy cause with its brand new service, G2A Deal.

What G2A Deal is ?

G2A Deal offers all subscribers a hand-picked selection of several excellent, remarkable, critically acclaimed video games. Those will range from triple-A productions, to indie games that are too good to ignore, to classics which should be present in every gamer’s library. February G2A Deal’s subscription price is only €1.50 for five wonderful games. You can subscribe to or un-subscribe from G2A Deal at any time. And if you don’t want to subscribe just yet, you will always be able to test the waters with a one-time purchase for €2.50. You do not even need to make a G2A account to try it out – it is all risk free.

Future Deals may come at different prices, but always attractive, and truly worth calling them a Deal. A new Deal will be presented each month, always at an attractive price, and future plans in addition to games involve attractive discounts and other rewards. Each Deal is created in close cooperation with game developers or publishers themselves (no third-party sellers involved) to make sure every gamer is satisfied with every pack, every month. All the keys are Steam-activated and acquired directly from developers to remove any unnecessary steps between you and your games.

The keys will be available immediately after purchase as Steam codes, and will not be region-locked. Customers will not be able to put the keys up for sale on G2A. With G2A Deal, there are no strings attached, you really get all five great games for only €1.50. This is a deal you will not, and cannot, get anywhere else.

And the games to wait for are…

Lords of the Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen the players take on the role of Harkyn, a convict whose criminal history is tattooed on his face as runes. But while his history is set in stone and flesh, his combat ability is fully open for the player to decide. Harkyn can study the arts of melee combat, several different schools of magic, and condition himself to wield a large selection of weapons and armor to hold his own. Lords of the Fallen rewards a slower and more measured approach, taking inspiration from the Soulsborne games. Are you strong enough to brave the dangers designed by the CI Games developers?

Dirt 3

Dirt 3 and top-rated racing game developed by the genre veterans Codemasters. Dirt 3 uses the Colin McRae name, and offers players over a hundred tracks to race on. Dirt 3 officially uses the WRC license, bringing its various vital elements closer to reality than the previous entries. Drive licensed cars, including Mini Cooper S, Toyota Celica, even Colin McRae’s car of choice, 555 Subaru Impreza. Dirt 3 is a real treat. Since its removal from Steam Store the only way to get a key is from the developers themselves. And we got them for you in this month’s Deal.


Superhot is based on a very simple idea: time moves only when you move. If you stand in one place, you can watch the bullets stop in mid-air and enemies frozen in place. You can make your own shots, but unless you change your position, they too will stop right after leaving the barrel, the ultimate bullet time. Plan your shots, avoid enemy bullets, watch it later as one fluid dance of death amidst flying bullets.


Syberia is a critically acclaimed point-and-click classic adventure game, released in 2002. It follows the journey of Kate Walker through increasingly incredible environments and situations. It would do the game a great disservice to spoil the plotpoints here, so you will have to buy the game to discover all the mysteries on your own.

Syberia 2

Syberia 2 is the second entry in the Syberia trilogy. Kate Walker returns as the protagonist, and abandons her boring life to go to the titular Syberia once again. What adventures and discoveries await her? Find out on your own. The sequel improves on many technical aspects of the original, including the animations and overall visual quality. With the Syberia III set for release in April, it is the best time to catch up on Walker’s history.

And when the time is right (between 12:00 – 20:00 CET (UTC+1) | 7 PM – 3AM PST (UTC+8)), we will be the first ones to give you a direct link, right here in this post. You will be just ONE CLICK AWAY FROM G2A DEAL

Update – Technical Errors

Due to technical problems we were unable to start the service at announced time. We are still working to deliver G2A Deal as fast as possible. We regret the inconvenience. Stay tuned.

Update – G2A Deal Edition #1 is now live!

Now that all the games are revealed, all that’s left for you to do is to realise just how much you need them in your life. And surprise, surprise, G2A Deal Edition #1 is alive and kicking for everyone who wants to subscribe. Click the banner below to go directly to the G2A Deal page.



Update – The date of G2A Deal Edition #3 is already known !

For further informations go to the following post:

G2A Deal Edition #3 is now live!