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The first G2A Deal was a success beyond all our expectations and we want to thank all of you who participated. Knowing that tens of thousands of customers are enjoying the games we gathered for you is very rewarding and we aim to keep providing you with interesting and cool games to buy for a song. Better still, we can finally announce when G2A Deal Edition #2 is coming.

A new feature for this Edition is a G2A Goldmine support, so bring in your friends and get more out of the Deal. In case of any questions regarding G2A Deal check our Q&A post.

G2A Deal #2 is live

Brace yourselves, here it comes. G2A Deal #2 is on under the following link:G2A Deal #2


5 games + 1 for free!

People who have subscribed to G2A Deal Edition #1 and keep their subscription active for Edition #2 shortly after start of this edition will get rewarded by one additional game: Planar Conquest.

Planar Conquest

Ever dreamt of being a motha’-frakking sorcerer with absolute control over a country? You gotta work for it, nothing ever comes for free. Bring several races to kneel and then lift them up…only to probably drop them again, some day.

  • for aspiring evil magical overlords
  • for fans of raining fire on their enemies
  • for those unsatified with just one plane of existence

G2A Deal #2 contains the following titles:

1. Epistory

You think you’re SO awesome at typing? Think again, buster! Epistory will give you a run for your money and throw a couple typos to haunt you in your sleep. Can your crooked fingers hold off an attack of monsters vulnerable to calling them names?

  • for fast-typing types
  • for sleepless storytellers
  • for manic but museless map-making masterminds

2. Dirt Showdown

Did you think that after the last deal we didn’t have enough DiRT on you? Ha, fat chance! If you’re ready for the ultimate DiRT Showdown strap yourself in for a ride of a lifetime to play chicken with trees and roadblocks.

  • for those who don’t fear getting their hands DiRTy
  • for those who think life begins on the fifth gear
  • for drivers so hardcore nobody wants to give them a driver’s license

3. Unbox

Tired of waiting for the postman? These days are in the past, man. Unbox solves the eternal dilemma: why do all your packages look like they were stunt doubles for a basketball. It’s Goat Simulator, but with boxes and without glitches!

  • for frustrated postpeople
  • for cynical online shoppers
  • for boxes that dream of better life

4. Hue

Your optometrist tells you may be colorblind? Poppycock! Hue can prove them all wrong, as soon as you figure out the difference between normal orange and slightly-more-orange orange. It’s like Reservoir Dogs, only with color palette instead of a band of psychopaths.

  • for mantis shrimps
  • for friends of all that is CMYK in the world
  • for Sin City colorists

5. Table Top Racing

You are never too old to play with tiny cars during breakfast, no matter what your grandchildren tell you. Table Top Racing is the way to do it even when all your Micro Machines were given without your consent to your ungrateful descendants.

  • for those who are old enough to remember and young enough to enjoy
  • for tiny people from your cupboard
  • for those who wish bread crumbs were the size of mountains which your micro machines could climb

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Update – The date of G2A Deal Edition #3 is already known !

For further informations go to this post.