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Another month, another G2A Deal. History likes repeating itself like that. We hope you enjoyed Epistory, DiRT Showdown and other games we gathered for you in the latest G2A Deal, but time moves ever forward, which is why we can announce the next Deal.

G2A Deal #3 is now live ! Click the banner below to go directly to the G2A Deal #3 page.

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In case of any questions regarding G2A Deal check our Q&A post.

G2A Deal #3 Game Titles:

1. The Uncertain

Have you ever woken up as a robot engineer existing in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are just a memory? If you haven’t, you probably can’t help unit RT-217NP with its problems, but it won’t hurt to try anyway. Be prepared to question all the bonkers things we humans do. You are human, right?

  • for AI going through some weird stuff
  • for autonomous Austrian androids
  • for cubical waste-recycling robots

2. Bulb Boy

Imagine you are a proper, modern boy with a lightbulb for a head and you have to communicate with your guardian who clings to his kerosene lamp head like it’s the 1800s all over again! And neither is bright enough to fight the darkness and monsters without the player’s help. You could lose your head fast, and it wouldn’t necessarily help.

  • for enlightened adults and bright children
  • for things that go, ahem, bulb in the night
  • for enthusiasts of dark puzzles and complicated secrets

3. Mushroom Wars

There are moments in life when you just have to lead a mushroom assault against others. That’s just the way things are when you are a fun guy, you know. Sporadic conflicts might stem from many things, but mostly because the other tribe’s leader has a bigger cap than you do.  There isn’t mush room for all four of you.

  • for mycologists too much into their research
  • for enthusiasts of Greek heroes and geography trivia
  • for those who want to fight enemies in glorious 4K (units per battle)

4. Tempest

Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate’s life for thee. If you’ve always dreamt of sailing the high seas, fighting ruffians and swashing every buckle, that might just be the game for you. This is where instead of white whales you chase ship-wrecking dastardly Krakens and ally with sea-faring not-at-all wizards. Who’s up for some scurvy, arr?

  • for daring captains
  • for roguish buckle-swashers
  • for hungry kraken…krakens… oversized squids

5) Red Solstice

The Earth is dead, your people are dying, so get yourself to Mars with your crew and clean up the street full of crawling alien filth. It may not be a glorious job, but it definitely is a glorious slaughter. And you know how it is: you can’t spell ‘slaughter’ without ‘laughter’. Save your people, loot your enemies. You know the drill.

  • for the bravest space commandos
  • for those who know killing aliens is better with friends
  • for tactical geniuses

Click the banner below to go directly to the G2A Deal #3 page.

g2a game bundle