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The time has come for us to announce the games you’ll get in G2A Deal #5. Once again you managed to figure out most of them despite our riddles (congratulations to the winners!), but one game eluded you. Read on to see what it was!

g2a deal 5 games

1. Ara Fell Your world, which used to float above the clouds, has fallen down. Its fate has been put in your hands. In the hands of a woman who against all odds tries to save her homeland. Developed in RPG Maker, this hidden gem combines the best parts of Japanese-style role playing games with the best parts of Western RPGs. Ready to embark on Lita’s quest? A must-try for those who like solving puzzles, engaging in tactical combats, and roaming open worlds.

2. The Tiny Bang Story The peaceful life on Tiny Planet has been disturbed by a meteor crash. Your job is to help the planet’s inhabitants rebuild their small world. Solve puzzles and repair machines while exploring the 100% hand-drawn planet in a typical point’n’click adventure. The game was designed for people of all ages so let your child or younger sibling pit their wits against this great game!

3. Butcher Go back to the ‘90s when games were a real challenge. Shoot your way through hordes of humans using the huge armory of powerful weapons from chainsaw to grenade launcher. Jump into the 2D world full of traps that can be used against your enemies or… yourself. A brutal adventure with lots of blood and gore. Pixelated. To let you paint all the walls red…

4. Seraph As an angel kept in a futuristic prison run by demons, you have to escape that well-guarded place. Restore your lost power and don’t let your human vessel die. Face demons that are both powerful and true cannon fodders. What’s unique about the game? You do the acrobatics and move the character but don’t have to deal with the shooting. What’s more, the game’s difficulty scales according to your skills – the better you are, the harder the game becomes!

5. Crookz – The Big Heist Robberies and heists in the 1970s style? Yes, please! In times of Saturday night discos, flared jeans and groove, a group of friends seeks the way to earn a lot without any hard work . It’s a tactical game where you need to plan, avoid detection and think fast. Test your skills on 18 unique single player missions or enter the challenge mode to compete with other players on the leaderboard. Think you are ready to lead a group of the best thieves on their way to big cash?

g2a deal 5 games So there you go. Five games worth knowing, and yet unseen from beneath the heavily-marketed hits. Let us know which one of them appeals to you the most! G2A Deal goes live On July 18.