Another week left us, another batch of news arrived in its wake. This time we’ve got a very diverse grab-bag of stuff: a useful date for all the nostalgic 30 year olds, a trailer which is quite real, a rare sneak peek into a potential past, a new identity, and a new home. Let’s dive in.

In terms of stuff that’s coming, the remaster of the GTA 3 trilogy got a date, and it’s right around the corner, hurtling towards us through pedestrians minding their own business. The long-coming Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg got a trailer and it absolutely is something you’ll have an opinion on.

The biggest bomb dropped on us, however, was the official news that the Father and Son Boating Trip Simulator is not going to be a PS4 exclusive anymore and is getting the second home on PC PC. Boy, isn’t that interesting?

As for new identities and murky pasts coming to light, we got a glimpse of an early prototype for a game that would end up being Tomb Raider, and it was a bit spooky. Meanwhile, Blizzard announced that a famous overwatch cowboy is getting new name, a change framed as a big character development moment for the High Noon-man.

If you wish to learn more about everything, we refer you to our nifty video.