As November is closing up shop and the year is dead set on renting this space to December, we still have plenty of stuff to talk about.

For one, due to tragic circumstance, Fortnite drops association to artist Travis Scott, and was very thorough about that. Good for them.

On a more positive side, Riot’s having the time of its life. After the smashing hit of a TV show that was Arcane people got renewed interest in League of Legends, a perfect time to release a singleplayer RPG set in that world. Developed by a studio with prior experience in releasing well-received games based on pre-existing license, The Ruined King does quite well to itself.

We’ve also heard more form the team remaking the niche classic Gothic, but “more” is more of a “something” when there was such a long radio silence. This contrasts with the buzz around Spider-Man: No Way Home, a crossover extravaganza bringing back villains from previous movie incarnations of the Webslinger.

Finally, to book-end this piece with another game–musician collab, Pokémon Go sees fire up on the mountain and decides it’s the signal to set the forges roaring for a collaboration with a certain artist. The capacity is uncertain, but the intent is powerful.

That it for this edition of G2A News, but don’t worry, there will be more.