We’re almost done with November and Christmas is like just a month away. A perfect time for your weekly dose of G2A News!

For starters, there’s a lot going on in the Riot camp. The most important thing, probably? A League of Legends fighting game! It’s still in its infant stages, but the devs aren’t shy about showing some gameplay.

Rockstar’s got a lot on their plate, too. With GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition being a massive dud and other issues popping up as well, the classic versions of GTA games are set to return to the Rockstar Store.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is about to make his way to Marvel’s Avengers! The human arachnid is a swift character able to dispense a barrage of blows, sling webs and use a special drone.

Super Smash Bros.? No, Super Warner Bros.! The studio wanted their own take on the cult fighting game and MultiVersus is set for a 2022 release. Kicking Batman’s butt as Bugs Bunny himself? Count me in! Oh, and the game’s going to be free to play, which is also nice.

We’re also about to get a reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (feel old yet?), with Jabari Banks becoming Will Smith for this show.

Speaking of shows, there’s also a Mass Effect series in the talks. Here’s to hoping we’ll get to see it, eventually!

And that’ll be all as far as this issue of G2A News is concerned. Stay tuned for more!