Another news-full week behind us, with new releases, first looks, and partnerships you never expected but probably should have. Let’s dive into what stirred the newsrooms on the last few days.

The new releases you should absolutely keep you eye on are Life is Strange: True Colors and a new entry in the long-running jRPG series, Tales of Arise, both story-oriented experiences. There’s also WarioWare: Get it Together which is a highly entertaining anthology of microgames released on Nintendo Switch, a game that evades description.

As for things yet to come, we got a juicy preview of the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Vanguard, which promises a whole bunch of maps and modes. Meanwhile on September 14th Deathloop finally comes out of the time loop and will let us Groundhog Day ourselves through a series of elaborate assassinations.

In bad news, Sony admits that the ongoing shortage of PlayStation 5 is going to keep being ongoing for some time yet, and Xbox series X/S may suffer from the same shortage marathon.

Finally, the inexplicably upcoming Matrix 4 movie found a promoter is probably the greatest cinephile in history of video game developers, you know who it is, don’t you?

To hear more on all these topics, watch our video, it goes over the details with an extra bonus of informative footage.