New week, new news! Last few days brought info on more delays, promises of releases, and sore losers of both low and high budget variety. Let’s get into the appetizers before you jump into the main course.

In terms of delays, you’ll for some reason have to wait for 2042 to come, or, more specifically: Battlefield 2042, which had its release date postponed for Q4, just after you’re done tearing down Halloween decorations and right before you start making early battle plans for Black Friday. Dying Light 2 is still a bit dying, and it’s going to be on life support a bit longer before it springs fully alive early next year.

On the topic of losses and being sore about it, Call of Duty: Vanguard already has hacker problems and it isn’t even properly out of open beta. It’s not surprising, but still disappointing. The good part is that the beta will last a little bit longer. In high budget losses, the epic Epic vs Apple lawsuit has been resolved and nobody is satisfied with the results.

Finally, Apple announced iPhone 13 and a few other gadgets, while the long-demanded Diablo II Remastered is finally out this week, ready to infest your hard drives with the infernal energies of the Lord of Destruction.

To learn more, give our video a few minutes of your time to learn all the dates and details you want.