Something ends, something else begins. That’s the motif of this week’s G2A News flash, and it’s more fitting than you’d expect.

There are two things which ended, and one which is at the brim. One is the feud between a spider and a rodent, also known at Scarlet Johansson’s conflict against Disney related to Black Widow’s solo outing. Another thing that saw its conclusion was the fundraiser for a collector’s edition of The Witcher manga conducted by CDPR on Kickstarter.

But there are also things that are right around the corner, ready to go. Far Cry 6 launches in just a few days, letting you help a revolution along. Meanwhile, Windows 11 is already making the turn, driving at you with the force of a mighty update if you choose to abandon your current version for the new shiny one.

Somewhere between the endings and beginning is the Limbo where the patience of New World players dwells. It has almost, but not quite, ran out, because the queues just WOULDN’T end. It would be a unifying experience if people didn’t have to get in to start unifying.

Somewhere beyond the here, there, and in-between lies the rumor of a GTA remaster of the kind that should appeal to the generation which played the crime sim series in the early 2000s.

Would you like to know more? We have a whole video which talks in more detail.