Quick, somebody call the services, our social media are broken and spilling datastreams all over the place! Ok, they aren’t anymore, but it wasn’t a super great week for the big names.

Facebook was down for 6 hours, so that wasn’t great for many people. Meanwhile, Twitch got a humongous leak which revealed so much there probably isn’t much left to unveil. Tough week for everyone, except Twitter.

Rockstar decided it’s time to spill the beans before somebody else does and officially announced a remakester of the GTA3 trilogy. It’s anybody’s guess whether V-Rock returns in its full glory. In less nostalgic, but more profitable announcements, new skins for Fortnite are coming, just in time for the spooky season.

Speaking of spooky, Back 4 Blood, the spiritual success to Left 4 Dead is out today, and we probably will never be 2 Old 4 Zombies. Case in point: the Resident Evil movie got a snazzy new trailer ahead of the November release.

That’s the gist of the news you can hear in full in our latest G2A News video!