Simulated worlds are rebooting, user privileges are being revoked, and heroes rise to the challenge, whether they want to or not. What does any of the means? Well…

First off, we’re dealing with a few more details about the long-awaited remakester of the GT3 trilogy, including the platforms it’s going to release for. If that snazzy crime-sim doesn’t appeal to you, another kind of simulation is coming ever closer. We’re talking about Matrix 4, of course, which now has a neat appetizer description saying a bit more about what the movie is supposed to be about.

To stay in movie-adjacent waters, The Batman movie with Robert Pattinson got a new spooky trailer showing more of his style of Caped Crusading. There’s also a more robust story trailer for the Suicide Squad video game, in case the recent James Gunn violence-fest got you in a mood for more of the superpowered Dirty Dozen.

Finally, bad news for fans of expressing their admiration for the opposing team during a game of League of Legends: /all is being removed from in-match chat and you’ll have to wait for the summary to have a chat with the other team.