Gamescom 2021 came and left, leaving us with plenty of game announcements and a ton of new information on titles were already knew were coming. Whether one’s interested in triple-A stuff or is into smaller-scale projects, Gamescom delivered something to be excited about.

Between August 25-27, Gamescom spilled the beans on a bunch of new games, including a reboot of Saints Row, Marvel’s Midnight Suns developed by Firaxis Games, and even a sequel to 2019’s grimly stylish Metroidvania Blasphemous.

The event also updated us on many games were already knew were coming, such as Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6, Guerrilla’s Horizon Forbidden West, and martial arts-filled Sifu coming from the creators of Absolver: studio Sloclap.

For more info, head to our Gamescom summary over on the G2A Youtube channel, which lists all the Gamescom reveals and updates you need to know.