Companies across the globe want to help solve the coronavirus crisis the best way they can. Since we’re a digital marketplace, we decided to join the fight by building a platform to connect those who want to help with various institutions in need. As of today, we are making it available to organizations across the world.

At first, we provided aid to local hospitals in Poland where G2A has its research and development centers. We gave them the resources they needed to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Other companies joined us, and we saw there’s a lot of good will. During this critical time, more and more people wanted to help any way they could. Soon, we received a number of questions from entrepreneurs about the most clever ways to solve pandemic-related problems.

As a result, we created and launched, a platform where local institutions can share their needs and connect with companies who are able to help them. So, clinics and institutional care centers can ask for help in solving problems such as shortages of medical equipment or a lack of different resources. Companies, on the other hand, can answer the requests shown on the platform, or offer their services proactively, for free.

The mechanism is simple. Institutions reviewed by volunteers can post what they need and verified businesses can offer help. We have created an efficient screening mechanism using our extensive experience in ecommerce to make sure only legitimate entities can use our platform.

It was both wonderful and humbling to see hotels offering catering services or event agencies willing to set up tents for hospitals, all completely out of good will. has been positively received by Polish medical facilities and companies alike. This is why G2A wants to build more platforms for any charity organization in the world for free. We will cover all IT and infrastructure costs. Due to some restrictions, we are unable to verify private individuals, so this offer is addressed only to registered charities.

Any organization that would like to use such a platform can contact us via email address. Further details on the platform, and our offer, can be seen on the FAQ section below.

Let’s help together!

Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO of G2A.COM



This section will cover the most commonly asked questions about the #LetsHelpTogether campaign. We’re still adding new content, so if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, contact us directly at and we will post the required information here shortly.

Does it cost anything?

It’s completely free! We just want you to put the platform to good use.

What do I need to use your platform?

1. You need to own or represent a charity institution. 2. You need to have manpower to run the platform – moderators, people for social media, etc. 3. You need to be sure this platform will be able to meet your needs. Bear in mind that its main purpose is to connect those in need with those who want to help.

Is this platform for official organizations, or can individuals use it too?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to verify individuals, so you need to be officially registered for that.

Can you create a new site for us from scratch?

We will gladly share the engine we already have. However, we can only modify it in a limited way.

Are you also responsible for hosting the website?

Yes. We cover all the infrastructure costs. We can also cover the domain cost, if you don’t have one already.

Can I collect money using this platform?

The platform allows institutions to post their needs, money included. However, it does not collect any money. Organizations may post their bank account numbers or link to other fundraising services. No money will be collected by G2A or its platforms.

Does this offer have a time limit?

For starters, we’ll wait two weeks for charities to get in touch with us. Nothing’s set in stone, though, so we can extend that time if necessary.