Winter holidays are drawing near. It’s a time for rejoicing with one’s family, enjoying the warmth and the presents, but it’s also in the spirit of the season to spare a thought for those less fortunate. Which is why this year G2A is teaming up with Extra-Life for a very special stream helmed by G2A lead streamer Mikey Shines.

Extra-Life is well-known for running fundraising events in cooperation with all kinds of creators, personalities, and brands across the geek-space, with all donations going towards supporting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. With their help on December 21st we’re going to begin a 24 hours-long gaming stream over on Twitch and Facebook, hoping to gather support for the good cause just in time for the holidays. Any amount graciously donated by the audience will be matched by an equal donation from G2A.COM. What games are going to be played? It would be rude to offer such spoilers, but just to whet your appetites ever so slightly, one of the games on the list is one about picking oneself up after every failure despite overwhelming odds and fighting for one’s future one step at the time: Dark Souls 1.

In addition to gaming, the jolly streamers will have several dares and challenges unleashed upon them once the donations meet certain thresholds. We’re talking hair dying, eating red-hot peppers, checking out how easy it is to game in a knight’s armour, and, if you’ll be nice, Santa Claus prancing to “Last Christmas”.

Finally, there’s something in it for you too, should you tune in, because there will be several surprises and game giveaways during the stream, giving you a chance to grab some of this year’s biggest, most important PC releases.

Watch live video from G2A_COM on

Join our stream from 12pm CET on 21 December until 12pm CET 22 December, both on Twitch and Facebook. You can follow the event on our usual channels and by using the hashtag #G2AExtraLife