Sales are awesome. Any opportunity to get a good game at a fraction of a cost is a relief for our wallets, virtual or otherwise. This time G2A is partnering up with PayPal to bring your libraries some really worthwhile games.

The games on offer are some of the more critically acclaimed productions in recent years, as well as some low-key games that do not deserve relative obscurity of unimpressive marketing budgets.

Apart from specific titles, there will also be three offers with random keys:

  • 1 random
  • 5 random premium
  • 10 random

Where does PayPal come into play in all this? It’s all in the numbers. Literally. Items from this sale you’ll only be able to buy using Elon Musk’s payment system. It’s an odd twist, but as Chubby Checker used to say: Come on, let’s twist again.

And each of them for just a couple bucks, how’s that for an offer.

Update: The sale ended

PayPal Sale G2A