If you’re into livestreams full of content other than gameplays, you may want to check this out.

G2A is gearing up for a new cyclical livestream that’s going to run every Friday at 3PM CEST on G2A media channels, which in this case means Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube. It’s a brand new enterprise undertaken by G2A, supplementing the gaming streams you might be familiar with already.

This new show, called G2A Review, Its hosts are going to share their opinions about games and always trustworthy (more on that in a moment) game industry-related news, provide some cheeky reviews, and more in three distinct thematic sections.

Let’s get the idea what is going to be featured in every episode, shall we?

G2A reviews

Part 1: Game news

Gaming industry is a field of constant change, and every week abounds in new events, crises, reveals, and just straight-up funny stuff, all of which requires some devotion and free time to keep up with.

Which is why G2A Review is going to have a whole segment dedicated to giving you a rundown of all the most important things that’ve happened in the gaming world that week. But, because there’s always a but, there’s a twist.

Each episode some, say, ten game news or so are going to be presented, and they are going to be covered in as much detail as feasible. The thing is, one of them is going to be, gasp, fake instead of being good trustworthy and legit news. Which is where you snoops come in.

Part 2: Weekly Sale Leaks

If you’re a regular at G2A Weekly Sales, then you know what kind of deals you can expect in general. What kind of value would the G2A Review livestream would be to you? I’m happy to answer the question I just asked myself.

The second regular segment of the G2A review show is going to be focused on the highlights of the Weekly Sale. The hosts will reveal the games featured in the sale, as well as their prices, so you know exactly what you’re waiting for. All accurate, legit, first-hand leaks, what’s not to enjoy?

That’s it. No twist, no unexpected turn of events. Just a teaser for the sale.

Moving on.

Part 3: Meme review

Here’s the fun part of G2A Review. The hosts in their deep knowledge of the Internet’s ebb and flow are going to take popular memes floating around the gaming circles and judge them SO hard, you guys.

Will this be like explaining the joke, a legit, honest-to-goodness scholarly in-depth look, or something in-between? The only way to know is to watch the stream and find out.

Bits and bobs

Thanks to the glories of the green screen, the visual presentation of the show is going to a dynamic reverie of visual stimuli, ranging from screenshot to videos, and, should you be lucky, your own assets.

That’s right. Should you create an interesting visual asset and send it to G2A Review powers that be, you may win big—a 20 euro giftcard—if the asset of your creation is chosen to make it to the green screen for all to see. That is: if you’re not scared of hearing people’s opinion about your epic MS Paint skills. Are you?

Guests and event reports

Things are going to be set in stone, though. Every now and then the show may feature an familiar content creator coming from outside the shapeless void of the set. Who’s going to be invited? One could only speculate.

There are also going to be occasional reports from cool events visited by the crew. Gamescom? Why not!

There’s no telling the events the transmissions from which you’ll be able to see when you tune in to the G2A Review livestreams. Partake of this spirit of promise and mystery, will you?

Going live soon

If this sounds like something that’s worth your time, and honestly, why wouldn’t it, you should know that the livestream goes live this week, on August 17th at 3PM CEST. Get your preferred stream-watching device ready and calendar reminders set.

Oh, and by the way: the streams are going to be around 45 minutes long, so you can even watch it when your phone’s battery is slowly dying of exhaustion. Not a guarantee, to be certain, but a reasonable possibility.

So there. G2A Review livestream, every Friday at 3PM CEST. Game news, early look into G2A’s Weekly Sales, and cheeky meme review segment. If that tickles your fancy, tune in, and you may even win some free stuff. Awards go to active participants only, though.

Where to watch?

Guto and Giorgio do G2A Review. Drop in and check out the latest gaming news of the week with some sharp commentary and laid back attitude. This week, we talk about Battle for Azeroth’s launch, New Ga…

With the livestream yet to come, it would be dishonest to give an opinion on it, but the hosts are dedicated to providing you with the high quality content that’s going to be worth your time and attention.

Their selection of trustworthy news (and the one cheeky fib for you to spot), useful leaks for weekly sales, even event broadcasts all make it seems like an easy win. It remains to be seen if the comedic segment where they share opinions about memes is going to fall flat or no.

Humour is a fickle mistress, however, and I’ve fallen behind of what’s comically hip and en vogue these days anyway. I hear meme review is a thing that’s popular?

YOUR opinion about G2A Review

On the day of the stream leave a comment on G2A’s media channels and pop back here to share your opinion about the show. Review the hell out of it, and give us your legit thoughts

Your opinion matters, and all that.