2017 was a very interesting year as far as video games are concerned. Many things took place, multiple memorable games were launched (as we hoped midway through the year and then again in September ), it was certainly a year that’s not going to be forgotten any time soon.

So how about ending it with a bang?

On December 15h G2A will run an epic 12h stream presenting the best games of 2017. Each game will be streamed for an hour, with a brief time in-between when you’ll be able to try and win a copy for yourself.

What games are going to be there, you ask? Well, brace yourself, because here comes the list:

  • NieR: Automata – fashionable androids and the question of sentience and existence.
  • Cuphead – anthropomorphic cups on a trip inspired by the 1920s-era cartoons
  • Destiny 2 – cosmic Panzerpotato vs. gun-toting paladins.
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – a sad man forges a ring and subjugates an evil empire
  • Injustice 2 – Batman is tired of Superman’s nonsense once again, now with more satisfaction
  • PUBG – a hundred people set out to murder each other for the amusement of heartless spectators
  • Project Cars 2 – confusingly kickstart-powered car vrooms its second coming
  • Call of Duty WWII – high octane American romp blockbusting through European wartorn landscapes
  • Resident Evil 7 – a man deeply regrets not respecting his hosts’ hospitality
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole – where Flash would live up to his name in another way

To see G2A team play all these games tune in to G2A Facebook page on December 15th. The stream themed ‘The games we fell in love with in 2017’ starts at 10AM CET and is going to last full twelve hours until 10PM. To have a chance in the giveaway, keep listening to catch the hosts specifying the tasks.

For the Terms of Conditions of the giveaways please follow this link.