And, of course, Mongolians are the nation to lead.

We are getting a steady stream of reveals as far as the peoples of Civilization VI go. After the announcement of The Netherlands recently it is now time for Genghis Khan to get upon his horse:

The unique unit of the civ is Keshig, a fast-paced horse archer that grants speed bonuses to civilian and support units that accompany it. The special building is Ordu, or “palace tent”, which boosts both light and heavy cavalry. The nations unique ability is Örtoo, a “combat trade route”, that provides bonuses for Combat Strength and Diplomatic Visibility.

The leader himself has the Mongol Horde ability which gives a combat boost to all cavalry unit and allows for the strengthening of one’s army by capturing enemy cavalry units.

Mongols will be part of the Rise and Fall expansion for Civilization VI, which will be released on February 8, 2018.