<insert joke about portals here> <laugh_track_soundclip.mp3>

That’s right, after being embroiled in an inter-dimensional tournament, Geralt stumbles through portals again only to find himself in Astera. Now this place is certainly more up his alley than Soulcalibur, where many characters are certainly monstrous, but probably still human enough to put Geralto Riviera at a disadvantage. Not so much for Monster Hunter.

Geralt will receive a full questline for himself, unique equipment and a unique fighting style. Much like Dante did. Doug Cockle reprises himself in the role, but I will point out, to all that it may concern, that Geralt will be fully voiced in all available language. That’s right, including the in-setting Monster Hunter languages, which I have to say, that’s a nice touch that just not enough games do. And by the way, Witcher sounds surprisingly good in Japanese. It’s a real shame he’s gonna jump in after Dante, I would have loved for the two to meet. Even if the ensuing fight would be very, very one-sided, it would be funny for Dante to question whether Geralt isn’t some kind of distant relative of his. I have to say, I do like that Geralt is becoming Stan Lee or Tarantino of video games, popping a cameo everywhere and being super grumpy about his one real weakness: portals. Nothing good ever comes out of them, nothing.

Geralt will arrive as a part of a free timed event available to everyone in the early 2019. Like everything else Monster Hunter he will first arrive on PS4 and later on transition to PCs. So all we need now is for Monster Hunter World to come out on Switch and then I can play Witcher on my Switch! Alternatively CDPR could just release the Witcher on Switch, (or as I like to call it, the Switcher) but you clearly don’t understand the art of having needlessly convoluted plans!

See you in Astera, White Wolf. Please try not go on a sex-rampage with every woman, man and vaguely anthropomorphic cat in sight. But who am I to stop you?