What a surprise.

Ever since the first tease everyone was all but certain that the teased reappearance of the white-haired monster hunter from Kaer Morhen would be tied to the upcoming release of SoulCalibur VI. Nobody was fooled. Nevertheless it is nice to see the official confirmation alongside a trailer.

Although judging by the trailer the game could use some visual polish, SoulCalibut 6 launches on an unspecified date, so we can expect that it’s going to look top-notch when it comes out later this year.

As for Geralt himself, what we can glean from the video is that he won’t need to rely on his swordsmanship alone. He can use Quen, Axii, and Igni seemingly without issue, and can even imbue his sword with some form of magic, although that might just be SoulCalibur’s own flair. We can also see that The Witcher 3’s most beautiful location will be featured as a map.

Overall the inclusion feels right, and on the SoulCalibur’s side of things is certainly feels more thematic than Yoda and Vader.