UPDATE (14.02.2019): the offer has been now refreshed, so pop in and see what you can get this week!

Love is in the air, so open your windows and let it in.

It’s still kind of cold in certain parts of the world, though, so you’d be wise to find some way to stay warm. So how about…and hear us out on this, get yourself a nifty co-op game (we have a bunch of handy suggestions on that front), invite your significant other over, and enjoy running your PC’s, PlayStation’s, or Xbox’s cooling systems into an early grave!


g2a week 2 of heartcore valentine's day sale

That’s right. There are plenty of great games on sale, so whether your significant other is someone you can invite over to play games together on a couch, or just a name for a spare gamepad you keep charged just in case, you can rest assured you’re going to find something to suit the tastes of all parties involved.

Head over to the Heartcore Sale page and see what you’re going to grab for yourself today.

The sale is going to run for nearly two weeks, from February 7th until February 18th, so you have plenty of time to check out the offer. Just remember to check in after February 14th to see the refreshed offer!