Homeworld was always your go-to series if you were looking for a real 3D space RTS, not a 2D one pretending to be three-dimensional.  And now it’s getting a new installment.

Homeworld 3 picks up where Homeworld 2 left off. Thanks to the efforts of Karan S’jet a golden age in the galaxy has begun. This soon comes to an end when a mysterious new threat known as the Anomaly rears its ugly head. It is up to Karan’s descendant, Imogen S’jet, to put an end to this madness and save the world.

Homeworld 3 once against uses the 3D ballistics model utilized by the series, but adds certain new twists. These include the presence of megaliths and trenches, huge space structures where you can hide smaller starships and which can serve as a perfect place for an ambush.

Once again surviving units from the previous mission will be carried over to the next; this opens up interesting possibilities and requires the player to make sound decisions throughout the campaign.

If you got friends who also love space warfare, you’ll be pleased to learn that Homeworld 3 will feature a three-player co-operative mode, War Games, influenced by roguelikes.

In it you will take on randomized challenges, seize Artifacts to boost your ships, and unlock new fleets which will open up new tactical possibilities. Aside from single-player and the co-op mode you will also have access to online battles where you can test your mettle against human opponents.

Homeworld 3 looks gorgeous and will surely be a blast to play. Prepare for its release, planned for March 8, 2024.