Image credit: Dalle-3

MechWarrior, but all about growing crops in peace and with zero combat, to boot? This sounds fun!

And it certainly is. See, all you do here is basically do all the farming stuff using your trusty and upgradeable mech, explore and have fun! You’ll also get to recultivate various environments by removing pollution and then planting new trees and all sorts of, well, plants.

You also collect resources which you can then use to build the farmstead of your dreams. Poking around might lead you to digging up some ancient knowledge and discovering fun new things, too.

What’s great about Lightyear Frontier is the fact that while you can go solo, you can play it with up to three friends. After all, two or even four mechs are better than one, especially when it comes to building them exofarms!

So, if you’re looking for a feel-good, relaxing sci-fi game where all you do is create and explore, you should totally give Lightyear Frontier a shot. The game releases March 19, 2024, but there’s a demo out for you to try.