My colleague recently included the original Overcooked in one of his top 10 lists and it looks like the sequel to the frivolously frantic and frustrating coop game is coming quite soon.

The basics are the same, with 4 players cooperatively trying to cook and serve food out of a messy kitchen seemingly designed by H. R. Geiger and existing in a temporal loop where it takes seconds for your pasta to cook (I wish). The game would be a rage-game if it wasn’t for the cooperative factor that makes it a fun, albeit frantic experience.

The sequel is aiming to expand on the formula with new mechanics such as throwing ingredients to other players (which is serious safety hazard, but when you exist in essentially Gordon Ramsey’s private hell I guess it’s understandable), new crazy kitchen-mazes, new characters serving different roles, new equipment and more dish recipes.

If you have friends who like frantic fun, this is for you.