It’s been a few years since we saw Cloud and the gang escape Midgar and do inexplicable things to causality, but we’re finally ready to start Disc Part 2 of the fancy remake of the all-time classic Final Fantasy VII.

With the crew free to roam the world (within reason, of course), we’re in for a grand, Ultra-HD tour of some of the game’s most iconic locations, including the R&R paradise Costa del Sol, now improved via Segway-alikes you might zip around on. We’ll also get to add a few more characters to the team, including the hot-tempered pilot Cid, and a mysterious man named Vincent, who somehow manages to out-gloom Cloud himself.

It will certainly be interesting to see how they transitioned from the ATB-style turn-based combat of the original to the action-packed, flashy and fast fighting of the Remake, now expanded by the team-up moves from the “Remake Intergrade” spin-off.

Of course, if you’ve played both the original AND the Remake, you also know that timelines got really screwy, and we’ll be seeing the consequences of that here in Rebirth. Who knows, perhaps the almost three decades old rumor that a certain someone might be saved will finally come true? Nobody knows, yet.

The good part is that the game is out on February 29th, 2024, so we’re just a little over a month away from getting back into this world for more action, drama, and figuring out if Final Fantasy VII has really gone full Kingdom Hearts.