Image credit: Dalle-3

Four years after it crashed onto the shores of PlayStation 4 and three after the follow-up invasion of PlayStation 5, Ghost of Tsushima is not only getting a Director’s Cut edition, but also a PC version.

GoT is an outstanding, absurdly gorgeous open world action game set during the 13th century Mongol invasion of Japan. Mixing fast-paced melee combat, tense stealth, and an immersive world to explore, Ghost of Tsushima gathered a ton of praise even before it received additional game modes, including multiplayer.

While the PS version of Director’s Cut provides a ton of great content, the PC version also promises many technical upgrades, including widescreen support, unlocked framerates, and more customizable graphics, all benefitting from the higher performance PCs are capable of reaching. Given the beauty of the original game, it’s very interesting to see how much better this edition will look when it arrives.

Speaking of… when does Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut launch? Sooner than anyone could have expected: May 16, 2024 on PS4, PS5, and PC.

Are you going to join Jin Sakai in his resistance against the invaders?