Are you not entertained?

Since large-scale Battle Royales are a genre already dominated by PUBG and Fortnite, developers need to come up with something clever to have as piece of that cake without sharing with other.  Outpost Games Inc. came up with a game that feels fresh and interesting. SOS takes more hints from reality shows than po-faced shooters.

You are one of 16 people dropped onto a rather tropical-looking island, and since you clearly don’t like the climate, you want to get off immediately. Unformatunately, to signal for extraction you need to grab a relic located deeper into the landmass. Even more unfortunately the other 15 people have the exact some idea. And there are monsters. What follows is an entertaning game of waiting to stab your opponents in the back, fighting monsters and entertaining the audience. You may lose the match, but win the adulation of people watching. And only three people can survive.

The game is currently in Early Access, which typically means three to four years in this state, but Plunkbat recently broke the mould, so who knows.