You will need to be connected for a significant part of the experience.

The next installment of the PlayStation classic racing series is upon us and the developers have shed a light on a couple of things about the game in a recent post on the console’s blog.

The most striking one is surely the requirement to stay online to be able to have fun with most of the game’s content.

This requirement is caused, as SCEA Product Manager Ken Chan points out, to ensure fair play:

This year’s Gran Turismo includes a world first — the only video game with an online Championship endorsed by the world’s motoring governing body, the FIA. As a competition endorsed by the same organization that oversees some of the biggest races in the world, we’re taking racing integrity very seriously for the FIA GT Championship.

In order to ensure fair racing for all, GT Sport will require an internet connection for the majority of functionality. This connectivity requirement is to ensure that progress, car availability, and driver ratings are properly maintained at all times.

Luckily PlayStation Plus subscription will only be needed for the multiplayer part of the game.

Gran Turismo Sport is out on PlayStation 4 on October 17.