If you’re a PC-based gamer itching for more beast-machine slaying as Aloy, an outcast huntress turned savior of the world, you’ll be pleased to learn that Horizon Forbidden West is finally getting released for Windows.

The acclaimed sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will drop sometime early 2024 and as a Complete Edition, to boot.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Horizon franchise, it’s a post-apocalyptic action RPG where you play as the aforementioned outcast named Aloy. She lives in a world where civilization has been destroyed, humanity reverted back to tribal state, and the lands are roamed by powerful, animal-like robots known as the Machines.

Aloy is shunned by her tribe, but this changes when she’s elected to embark on an epic adventure to save the world from impending doom.

Forbidden West takes everything from Zero Dawn to the next level. Combat, as fantastic as it was in the predecessor, is even more amazing and battles with the biggest machines incredible and very memorable, just like previously. You’ll get to face new enemy types, too. In fact, there are 22 fresh kinds of machines in the sequel.

Exploration has also received updates. For example, you will be able to dive underwater in search for more secrets to uncover. Climbing has also been improved and you have access to a whole set of new tools, including the Shieldwing which lets you safely descend from any heights and surprise your enemies with airborne attacks.

You can also ride on flying machines. In general, all sorts of things have been expanded and improved in Forbidden West. The titular realm (which covers Utah, Nevada, and California) is also drop-dead gorgeous and full of amazing things to discover.

The Complete Edition features extra content, including an expansion titled Burning Shores. This DLC, similarly to The Frozen Wilds, adds new machines, weapons, outfits, and locations, in addition to a fresh new storyline revolving around a new threat arising in the titular land.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition will be released on PC on March 21, 2024.