Season 3 is closing soon with only one episode left.

If you are among those, who still hope for a bright future for Guild Wars 2, I’m here to inform you that the Living World received with another update. Titled Flashpoint, the fifth episode is available and here’s the trailer:

As you know from the title of this news, it’s the penultimate episode – only one more will be released in the months to come. Then, as we expect, the second expansion should be announced and, hopefully, released sometime during Summer.

The schedule of both free expansions and paid add-ons was shifted for Guild Wars 2 post-launch. As for now, we expect the second big release to be available this year. It’s currently unknown how many players are still active in-game, but hopefully the upcoming expansion will gather both new and former users.

To learn more about Flashpoint, head to game’s official Wiki.