The studio responsible for great turn-based strategy game, Battletech, as well as a story-driven RPG Shadowrun, has been acquired by the titan of grand strategy games- Paradox.


Paradox originally served as the publisher for Battletech and the two companies expressed full satisfaction with their cooperation. Harebrained Studios will reportedly retain its autonomy and will be be “designing and developing the games that have earned them their outstanding reputation” with creative freedom.

For their part, Paradox will be supplementing the studio with PR and marketing, which is great for the tiny developer. Too many games die a sad, lonely death to be lack of marketing. Harebrained Studios was sold for 7.5 million $ plus next 5 years of revenue.

This means that the promised Battletech content is coming. Now that they are officially Paradox, we all know they won’t be able to hold themselves from making a bunch of DLCs. I wonder when the mod support is being added.

Anyway, the studio also states that they are in the preliminary process of their next big project. I think they might want to take a break from strategy after Battletech, but time will tell.