That’s one hell of a comeback. Hades must have been asleep or something.

Hellgate: London was a curious game launched oh, some eleven years ago, in a somewhat buggy, but largely enjoyable state. It was something of a… post-apocalyptic dark urban fantasy shoot’n’slash and if that sounds weird and unappealing, you probably missed out on the mid-to-late noughties. Alternatively, if you find that fun, you are possibly pushing thirty or forty.

Either way, the game’s been gone for a while, for various reasons generally revolving around money, licenses, and lack of interest, but now apparently something’s changed and it’s back on sale on Steam. Apparently it’s running with a Hellgate: Tokyo build, which means… something, probably. It’s not immediately clear what it means, but hey, surprises!

With six classes, some degree of character customisation, and roughly randomly generated (read: arranged) maps, it might be worth taking a trip back in time to see what’s up with that.

Could it mean that somebody’s measuring up interest for a potential remake? Reboot? Sequel? Spiritual successor? Anything could happen, but nothing probably will.