The refreshed game offers much more for existing players and the newcomers.

It’s very a important moment for Heroes of the Storm as the game was patched with a major 2.0 Update. As we informed earlier, until May 22nd you have a chance to grab one of the four Mega Bundles, each offering twenty heroes. It’s the best way to prepare you for all changes and features that were implemented.

Lasting until May 22nd as well is the Nexus Challenge 2.0. Basically, it’s a set of challenges, with new ones releasing every week (the already launched ones aren’t disappearing until the end). To finish them, you have to play with your friends. As a reward you get vanity items and loot boxes for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

After the 2.0 Update player levels are the sum of the levels achieved with all our characters. “All players who completed at least one Heroes of the Storm match prior to the release of Heroes 2.0 will receive a number of Loot Chests based on their converted Player Levels in the new progression system,” we read.

And there’s even more! As of now, a new hero is available and this time it’s Genji from Overwatch. To accompany his addition, players will be able to visit the newest Battleground: Hanamura. The details for the new hero and for the patch are numerous and you can find them on Blizzard’s blog.